Our Route to Customer Success

MCDC 's vision is to provide a comprehensive and insightful business support to our clients for new product developments.

Whether it is the positioning strategy, competitor analysis, platform comparison, effective field training toolkit, interactive marketing communications, or literature, we have the expertize. We clearly identify the client's objectives and outline our methodology involving deep searches, field visits, product and market trend study, and, materials, process and technology comparisons for analysis.

Additionally, we can employ alternative methods - to identify and revalidate real opportunities out of potential ones.

Integrated support for product development and NPI processes further helps us to offer a complete support for developing innovative product features and benefits to a targeted positioning and launch.

Our Team

The team is led by Meghna Chowdhary, who apart from being a specialist in Economics is an expert in Market Mapping and has developed unique experience with product positioning.

Meghna has authored 3 research papers published in acclaimed journals; notably IOSR. She has also been in the organizing committee of South-South cooperation initiative.

Others team members are senior consultants having over 25 years of experience in Technical Marketing, Product Development, and Communications across the globe.

Meghna Chowdhary

Founder & Consultant

Pradeep Chowdhary

Senior Consultant